• We offer quality services in the field of registration and re-registration of medical products in the Republic of Uzbekistan. We provide you with a detailed and transparent report showing how we devised the budget.
  • Carrying out the whole cycle of registration of your medicine, preparation of the dossier to the receipt of the Registration Certificate.
  • Making changes in registration documents for a medicinal product.
  • Introduction to the market new positions of medicines.
  • We will be glad to see you among our regular customers!

Our goal is to do our job professionally and with maximum convenience for the client!

Pharmacopoeia Committee

Tasks of the Pharmacopoeia Committee:

- examination of normative documents for medicines subject to registration and extension of the term of registration;
- systematic revision of normative documents for medicines with a view to improving their quality and improving the methods of control;
- examination and preparation for approval of additions and amendments of the...

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Department of Registration

Tasks of the Registration Department:

- after the adoption of the application for registration, conducts the initial (preliminary) examination of the application and attached registration documents and samples of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment;
- conducts appropriate correspondence with the applicant on the...

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Pharmacological Committee

Tasks of the Pharmacological Committee:

- conducts examination of administrative, pharmacological, toxicological and clinical parts of registration documents of pharmacological and (or) medicinal products;
- conducts examines and re-examines documents of pharmacological and (or) medicinal products with the involvement of independent experts;
- decides on the use of the medicines without clinical trials in the...

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