Registration of medical device and medical equipment in Uzbekistan
List of documents submitted for state registration of medical devices and medical equipment in the Republic of Uzbekistan

When registration through the representative — the power of attorney drafted in the established order.
General information about the medical device or medical equipment, about its manufacturer.
Copy of the Registration Certificate of the medical device or medical equipment in the country of origin, as well as in other countries (if available).
Normative document that includes the order and methods of testing a medical device or medical equipment, an international, interstate or national product standard.
Passport, operation manual of medical equipment, instruction for use of a medical device in Russian (for medical device - also in the state language).
Technical description of medical equipment.
Protocols of laboratory tests, technical tests, technical tests of medical measuring instruments, preclinical and clinical studies.
Compliance information of the conditions of production of medical devices and medical equipment with the requirements of international standards (if any).
Information about absence of infectious agents in products for «in vitro» diagnosis, prepared from biological materials.
Information on stability during storage of medical devices.
Illustrated promotional materials, brochures, catalogs, photo with size not less than 13 x 18 cm.
Colored graphic models of primary and secondary packaging (for medical devices).
Additional information about a quality, efficiency and safety of medical equipment, medical devices.

When extending the period of certification of a medical device, medical equipment, it is necessary to present in due course reviews of clinics of the Republic of Uzbekistan about effectiveness and safety of medical devices and medical equipment.

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